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Warning: This page contains spoilers!!


Arnold Kai

Age: 34 (now deceased)

Birthday: March 27th

Arnold is a man who doesn’t remember how old he is or where he’s from. He’s stressed out about understanding the big changes happening around him. He has this inkling feeling of regret as he reflects on past experiences. He’s strangely appreciative about learning more about himself from others.


Guide (Avery)

Age: ???

Birthday: January 4th

Guide is ?!@# years-old whose profession is working as a Wait Space advisor. They’re emotionally sentimental on others’ behalf through their job. They tend to be smug and rather dramatic but that makes them fun. Guide is just the name they use at work not to get attached to their clients, their real name is Avery.


(Pre-) Arnold Kai

Age: 34 (now deceased)

Birthday: March 27th

Arnold believes himself to be a “spiteful lone wolf” but in reality, he cares about the people he’s around. Despite how much he cares about his very small inner circle, he’s a vengeful self-centered person who is harsh even to those he likes. He’s a man who knows more than he should, leading him to be intimidating.


Bentley Russo

Age: 32

Birthday: November 30th

Bentley is from Nebraska and is passionate about teaching entry-level college students in biology and chemistry. He’s highly observant and connects the dots quickly. He tends to be sentimental, especially with those he’s close with (like his “best friend” Arnold). While observant, this distracts him from a priority at hand.


Clarence Mentaur

Age: 19

Birthday: August 15th

Clarence is a transgender man from northern California. He appears to be nervous and timid all the time, but internally he’s quite stubborn and harsh towards his observations and can become disinterested in things quickly. He has a high tendency to act on intrusive thoughts. Clarence is emotionally dependent on his partner Trevor.


Trevor Bautista

Age: 21

Birthday: May 2nd

Trevor, coming from the state of Oregon, tends to be a spontaneous yes-man. While highly protective (especially with his partner Clarence), he’s emotionally defensive and doesn’t open himself up much to people. He attaches himself to his role models and tends to mimic them closely.



Age: ???

Birthday: September 12th

Rhett, like Guide, is a Wait Space advisor. Rhett appears in the epilogue as Bentley’s Wait Space guide. He admires Guide a lot and is constantly flirting with them (which Guide doesn’t mind at all). He can become easily flabbergasted and is constantly looking to others for help with things.


Original graphic novel and animated film project


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