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Mixed-media graphic novel and sister short film, this is where it starts.

Arnold Kai, a man with a shady past as a scam artist, wakes up naked in a field, unaware of who he is or where he is. Upon finding an existential guide, Arnold has to relive the events, harsh relationships through past versions of himself, and the consequences that led to his death. Arnold now has a big decision about what he wants to do after his journey through what is called Wait Space.


Not My Cadaver

Mixed-media comic series

Caddy Morgan sets forth into the woods in an attempt to find "their body." After having little to no luck and even digging up the wrong grave, the search seems pointless. On the brink of giving up hope, they meet the astute Oscar. Oscar says he knows where their body is and invites Caddy to follow him into an uncertain venture into the forest.

NMC Portal coming soon!

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