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Bigfin squid is a species rarely seen due to their lurking in the darkest depths of the ocean. When one of these beautiful creatures is spotted, it is a sight to behold. Scientists believe that they intake their food by gliding their long arms against the sea floor or intake through plankton bumping into their vast long arms. I personally like the Bigfin squid because I think they're silly beings and I'd like to touch one like a stingray.

★.˚𖦹。⋆ About ⋆。𖦹˚.★

Drawn headshot of MAXFOSTER

MAXFOSTER is an animator and sequential artist who practices close enough to Boston, MA. My work — whoops, I mean his work, is an attempt at witty surrealism. He’s working on various independent comic and animated film works. We’re pretty excited about those.

Foster is a 2023 Montserrat College of Art graduate with a BFA in Animation & Interactive Media and dual minors in Creative Writing and Entrepreneurship in the Arts.


Programs: ClipStudio Paint for my comic work (I am learning how to animate in it now) and the beloved Adobe Creative Suite (when it wants to work), including Animate/Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Foster is currently volunteering with the Boston Comic Arts Foundation in the development of MICE and is a member of the Cartoonist Cooperative


I have a good feeling that your email WILL find me well...

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