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Bigfin squid is a species rarely seen due to their lurking in the darkest depths of the ocean. When one of these beautiful creatures is spotted, it is a sight to behold. Scientists believe that they intake their food by gliding their long arms against the sea floor or intake through plankton bumping into their vast long arms. I personally like the Bigfin squid because I think they're silly beings and I'd like to touch one like a stingray.


Howdy! I’m Max Foster, a mixed-media animator and sequential artist who lives close enough to Boston, MA. My current works include expanding my portfolio for 2D TV animation and independent comic work. I’ve got many other side projects and experiments going along with my usual work including puppetry, creative writing, and more. My work projects mature themes through comical approaches and lots of mindfulness within my characters and environments.

I’m a spring 2023 Montserrat College of Art graduate with a BFA in Animation & Interactive Media and dual minors in Creative Writing and Entrepreneurship in the Arts. My work is formulated using ClipStudio Paint for my comic work (I am learning how to animate in it now), and the Adobe Creative Suite (when it wants to work) including Animate/Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.


Contact me! I'm currently available for work~~

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