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Bentley, Clarence, and Trevor drive out to the middle of nowhere to bury the body of their recently deceased friend, whom they’ve collectively killed. In the process, they relive the instances that led to his death. They will leave the body here and never look back. Little do they know, this is only the beginning. This is where it starts.

Thesis film

Spring 2022-2023

Kelly's studying is about to be cut short due to a fantastical adventure into their own dreamland, entering their Power Nap Paradise.

Art director, character animator, BG designer

Fall 2021

Finite has recently discovered he has magical fire powers! The only problem with that, is they're super hard to control... With lots of training and mindfulness, Finite is determined to find his balance.

Mixed-media/found objects stop-motion animation

Fall 2021

This is Stanley, a figure who is considered to be “formless.” He tends to feel a lot of emotions, which are extended from himself through glob-like flames that erupt from his body. He especially feels a lot when he’s listening to music.

Papercut out stop-motion animation

Fall 2021

A little astronaut goes out to find a new best friend in a vast journey through space.

Producer, character animator, BG designer

Fall 2021

This short film is about an alien friend who feels a little wiggly sometimes. Watch as they wiggle into the space of their mind and back to reality with this lighthearted animation

Metamorphasis paper animation

Fall 2021

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