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PRŌPOSITUM is a story encapsulated in a brightly full-colored graphic novel with a range of construction paper backgrounds, mixed with found materials, colored pencil illustrations, and found photo manipulation techniques for the digitally rendered characters to interact with.


Arnold Kai, a man with a shady past as a scam artist, wakes up naked in a field, unaware of who he is or where he is. Upon finding an existential guide, Arnold has to relive the events, harsh relationships through past versions of himself, and the consequences that led to his death. Arnold now has a big decision about what he wants to do after his journey through what is called Wait Space.

As a sister project to the comic, "this is where it starts." is a three-minute animated film following the same storyline and also features mixed-media components. Bentley, Clarence, and Trevor drive out to the middle of nowhere to bury the body of their recently deceased friend, whom they’ve collectively killed. In the process, they relive the instances that led to his death. They will leave the body here and never look back. Little do they know, this is only the beginning. This is where it starts.

This project started as a short film idea, developing into a larger narrative for Max Foster's undergraduate thesis project. The project has thus developed into short one-shots, extended writings, illustrations, and so much more.

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Pre-Arnold Kai, little
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Arnold Kai, little


Original graphic novel and animated film project


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